Hello Craig,

I wanted you to tell you how much my wife Charlotte and I admired the way you handled the process of dealing with every aspect of our home’s radon problem.  

As you know, I finally got around to doing a simple radon test in a basement room this spring, and it came back over the safe limit.  That’s when I called a long-time friend who is a K-State radon expert, to recommend the best company for us to hire.  HDH Radon was first on his list, so I got in touch with you.


You brought test equipment to the initial meeting at our home so that we could get a more accurate electronic measurement of the radioactivity in our basement.  And you returned on subsequent days to examine the two main crawl spaces in our house, and to take more readings.  

In a short time, you had devised plans to mitigate radon exposure in both crawlspaces. One crawlspace literally required crawling–it was impossible to even sit on the dirt pile. You installed plastic sheeting over that pile.  In the other taller and much larger crawlspace, you discovered water dripping from a copper elbow that lead to a kitchen faucet, and repaired that as a favor to us.  Then you put in perforated piping that would pull radon gas from both the larger dirt pile and the smaller pile.  You did a very neat and clean installation of a low-speed air pump in our garage, which vents upward through the roof.  The pump is so quiet that we can only hear it when standing right next to it.

Throughout your time with us, there was never a problem with dust, sand, or debris ending up in our house.  You worked carefully, quietly, and efficiently.  The plastic sheeting, air pump, and piping were never in the way.  You even labeled all of the visible components of the radon mitigation system in case somebody else has to work on them someday.

Finally, your total charge–for the initial testing, installing the plastic sheeting, air pipes, the low-speed air pump, running the vent pipe through the garage roof, testing the new system, and several long days of labor–was very reasonable.  

We’d be glad to recommend you to anyone.


Dave and Charlotte MacFarland

Manhattan, KS.  66502-3638                                             Read another testimonial...


J. Robert Hack
Topeka, Ks. 66615

I think I have only written two letters of recommendation in my whole life, so I guess this is the third.

I did the Radon test kits from the Shawnee County Extensions agent and had an initial reading of 55.7, which according to them ranked in the top ten percent of the county. I then ran a second test which gave me a reading of 53.3. Anything over 4 can be bad for your health (cancer of the lung).

I contacted Craig Celmer with HDH Radon and we discussed the test results. He drove to our house at a time which was agreeable to all parties. A bid was given and within a couple of days, Craig and his helper came to our house to install a Radon Mitigation System. Before he left he told both me and my wife that we don’t pay until we have reached a reading below 4.

Were we successful with the first attempt? No, but when this man gives his word that he will not take payment until your house is below the level of 4, you can trust him! After spending approx. six hours working on our house, we let the mitigation begin and then tested in approx. 48 hours. The first test was 8.0. (Still to high).

He then returned and spent another couple of hours attempting to remedy our problem. Was that successful? No, we went to 5.1. So after two more trips and a second mitigation hole and several more lengths of pipe (at no cost to us!), we finally tested today and had a reading of 1.4.

I would highly recommend his company! The days of your word is as good as your signature are gone, but not with Craig.

Please feel free to give me a call and I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Yours Truly,

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J. Robert Hack RN, BSN


To whom it may concern:

We contracted with HDH Radon for Radon Mitigation in our home in April 2003. Our home has been built in 1912, and has over 4000 sq. ft. of living space. The basement is about one quarter crawl space (dirt floor), one half is fully furnished (cement slab, drywall) as an apartment with full kitchen, living- and bedroom, and a half bath, and one quarter of the basement are storage rooms. Initial measurements by HDH Radon showed an average of 6.2 pCi/l and we decided to go ahead with a two-state plan as recommended by Mr. Celmer of HDH Radon.

1. Seal crawl space, re-measure, and if not successful:
2. Install a sub-slab depressurization system.

Sealing the crawl space was not sufficient as shown by subsequent testing. The installation of the sub-slab depressurization was quite challenging due to the required plumbing. Plumbing had to be designed and adapeted to this older construction home. Clay under the slab was reported by Mr. Celmer after drilling the suction hole, but an apparent gap between the clay and the slab indicated possible success. After the system was operational, a post test was conducted and the Radon level was 0.5 pCi/l, which indicated complete success.

The entire contract was executed by HDH Radon to our absolute satisfaction. Workmanship and timeliness were excellent. Communication with the contractor in regard to the somewhat complicated technical issues was at all times open, informative, and useful. To achieve optimum results with reasonable costs while minimizing disturbances during construction wree very serious concerns of the contractor.

Our satisfaction with the work and the execution is best demonstrated by the fact that we immediately re-hired the contractor for another project in our house.


Professor of Chemical Engineering

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Kansas State University